EHC Kids

 EHC Kids classes are not currently meeting due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  To continue ministering to your children, EHC produces a Sunday School video lesson each week on our YouTube channelSubscribe so you can be notified each time a new video lesson drops!

EHC Children’s Department

Eagle Heights Church cares about your precious children.
We have multiple class levels to meet the needs of families with kids of all ages.  Classes meet weekly during the 10:30am service.

Under Normal Curcumstances... What should I expect on my first visit?

When you enter EHC, there will be a cafe to your left.  Stroll on over and get some coffee for yourself and a morning snack and juice for your kids.  Then make your way to our Welcome Center.  There you will be greeted by a Children's Department volunteer.  We will ask you to provide some information about your family that we will use to place your child in our electronic check-in system. You and your child will receive matching identification tags that are unique to your family and your visit. Your child will receive a name tag to wear, which includes a 4-digit number that matches the pick-up tag you receive.  Once you are checked-in, one of our volunteers will show you to your child's classroom.  When you are ready to pick up your child, return to your child’s classroom and show your pick-up tag in order for your child to be released back to you.

When do the children go to their class?

The children who are Infant to Pre-K go to their class at the beginning of the 10:30am service.  Parents can check their children in as early as 10:10am.  Children who are K-5th Grade will attend the beginning of the worship service with their parents.  After the music and the greeting time, roughly about 20 minutes, there will be a slide on the screen announcing for the kids to be released to their classes.  At that time, the teachers will be waiting at the back of the auditorium and will lead them to the appropriate classroom.  There are two reasons why the K-5th Grade students attend the beginning portion of the worship service:  First, we believe that worship starts in the home.  We want families, as much as possible, to have the opportunity to worship together, sing together, and experience our main worship service TOGETHER.  Secondly, we believe it is powerful for students to see their teachers serving in the main worship service (on the worship team, for example) with the hope that their desire to serve will grow as they become young adults.

What are your safety procedures?

Security is a top priority for Eagle Heights Church. All children are electronically checked-in, child’s allergy information and parent’s phone cell phone number(s) are printed on each name tag, and they always have adult supervision to ensure complete safety for all children. The Pre-K through 5th grade classrooms have two teachers at all times.  We also keep our child-to-volunteer ratio low in order to ensure the physical safety of each child.

What if my child needs me during the worship service?

First, we will text you if your child needs parental assistance.  If texting you does not work, we will have a volunteer personally locate you and guide you back to where your child is.  We don’t do this very often since we want you to be able to relax and enjoy some time with God and His people.  But if there is a situation, we will make sure you are notified promptly.

Still have questions?

Thank you for your interest in EHC!  If you have any questions that were not covered above, if you would like additional information, or if you would like to meet with our Pastor, please contact Pastor Randy Puckett at  May God bless you and your family!