Hurricane Harvey Relief


  • People looking for shelter
  • Check-in at EHC
  • Check-in at EHC
  • Gym-Pop
  • Seeking sanctuary in the sanctuary
  • Towels from our amazing community - thanks!!
  • Feeding our folks
  • Sharing with Port Arthur
  • Ready to go to the neighborhoods nearby
  • Damaged homes everywhere
  • Damaged homes everywhere
  • Meeting people in the neighborhoods nearby
  • Meeting people in the neighborhoods nearby
  • But God is still carrying His people!
  • Just a few of the most amazing people in the world - our volunteers!!


Hurricane Harvey has affected us all. It is the mission of Eagle Heights Church to show God’s Love through this tragic event.

We started out with only a few towels and a small amount of bedding that we were able to carry through the river-streets of our neighborhood …in the pouring rain, over a fence, and out to FM 1464 where a friend picked us up so we could get to the church to open the doors. Three hours after opening, the entire building was at capacity.

Then another flood began. A flood of bedding, food, toiletries, towels, air mattresses, volunteers, and love. Everything we needed flooded in to provide for the crowd. It was just like the loaves and fish. God moved, we took action, and He provided. We opened up the church as a shelter when we saw a need, with no time to plan. God provided abundantly, and that’s an understatement.

After the storm, EHC had an abundance of supplies left over. Over the next several days, volunteers took the supplies to Port Arthur, TX, to Victoria, TX, and to the nearby storm-ravaged community of Twin Oaks to help those in need.

Thank you, EHC members, for jumping into ‘go mode’ without hesitation. You immediately gravitated to your areas of expertise and rocked it with excellence. It was so beautiful to witness. Thank you Aliana community and the surrounding neighborhoods for your very generous and lightning-speed responses for donations of time and resources this week. You have been unbelievable. It has been a pleasure partnering with you. And, to those we sheltered during the storm, it was our absolute pleasure to lend a hand to you during this difficult time. We will continue to pray for you in the coming weeks and months. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going, and if there is anything we can do for you. Lastly, for those of you that don’t already have a church home, we would LOVE for you to join us here at EHC.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and the activities that follow, we take an awe inspiring look back at what we have been through, and we can clearly see the fingerprints and footsteps of God throughout all of it!

Watch this video for just a glipse of what God Our Provider has done through it all!