Blood Drive

We are hosting a blood drive on Sunday morning, November 1 at EHC!

Because of the pandemic, we pushed back our Annual Blood Drive from our normal date in August. Our Blood Drive coordinator sent me a personal message with a request to reconsider hosting our Blood Drive. Here is a condensed version of what she said in that e-mail:


“Pastor Randy, 

Wanted to reach out to you and see if the church would be willing to host a blood drive in October or November… we have had several churches that are willing to open their doors to us to host a drive on Sundays.

We are struggling with keeping units on the shelves for our patients… we are currently at a deficit of several thousand units. We are really needing the community to step up and help make up for these units."


So we will take this opportunity for us to DO SOMETHING to benefit our community at a time where we feel that we want to do something, but may feel powerless to know exactly WHAT TO DO or WHO TO HELP. Here is a way we know will help!

Use the form below to sign up! Please select a preferred time and a second choice but keep in mind that we can only fit two people per time slot so we may have to contact you about a different time.